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   Biewer Yorkshire a La Pom Pon (Pronounced "Beaver")  

My Biewer Boys  I am blessed to be able to own some fabulous Biewer Dogs from the World's Champions. All of my biewer boys and girls trace back to the original Biewer pairing belonging to Mr. Biewer of Germany (Darling Von Friedheck and Fru Fru (*1980) Von Friedheck, World Junior Champions 1981)

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My Beautiful Boy Colt

This is Colt, he is my Stud Dog.
He is a very tiny, and very pretty little boy, adult weight only 1.8kg
Height: 18cm
DOB: 01/03/2013
Country of Birth: Germany
Registered with the VRZ e. V. - DHS
Kennel Name: Zayd of Little Glamour Stars
Colour: Tricolour

Both parents tested and free of Liver Shunt. Patella 0, fit for Breeding

Colt is a very gentle, very loving, tiny little Biewer doggie and I am so looking forward to him producing some stunning little Biewer Babies with my girls during 2014.
Thank you to my very dear friend Petra in Germany for allowing me to own Colt.


Colts' Daddy "Louis"(Towns Winner V1, Father National Junior, National & International JH Champion, National and International Honor Champion)





Colt's Mummy "Chelsey" (Father Multi Champion, Nat. + Intern. + Honor + World beauty Championships, Euro-Sg., Best in Show, Mother Multi Champion, Grand Father Nat & Internat. Champion, Baby Klasse + Nat & Internat. Champion Young dog, Class + Nat & Internat. Champion Junior Class + Nat & Internat. Young Dog , Champion + Nat & Internat.Champion Open Class + Championship Class + Nat Honor Champion + Olympia Winner 2003 + UCI World Champion 2003 + 2 x Continent Winner 2003 + 2003 + Europe Winner, World Cup winner 2003 + North Winner 2003 +  German Winner 2003 + French Winner 2003 + 5 x WRV Finals First Place + 2 x WRV Best in Show)





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