Biewer Terrier (Pronounced "Beaver")  



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Biewer Terrier Pups -  If you are searching for a Lovable, Cuddly Teddy Bear Biewer Terrier Pup to join your family, email Jan

All of my Biewer Pups will leave for their new homes with the following
Comprehensive Puppy Pack:-

Vet Checked twice
Fully Vaccinated (plus Signed Veterinary Vaccination Card)
5 Weeks Free Insurance
Purchase Receipt/Puppy Sales Contract
Personalised Diet Sheet
Worming Records (All of my pups/adults are wormed correctly from 3 weeks of age with Veterinary Products)
Food that Pup is weaned onto plus Food Vouchers/Samplers
Scented Fleece Blanket
Selection of favourite toys
Leather Puppy Collar
Advice Sheets
Pre & Post Support

As a Licensed Breeder, My Priority is Health & Temperament for the Perfect Family Pet

All my adults are health checked prior to breeding. They are tested free of Liver Shunt and Patella 0

Price Guide: (correct as @ 01/07/2021)

Female Biewer Terrier Pups 1500-2500
Male Biewer Terrier Pups 1500-2200

Prices reflect gender, size, shape, conformation,  markings of each pup etc.
Biewer Pups remain with me until they are fully vaccinated

If you would like to be added to my waiting list for a Biewer pup
please Contact Me through my Puppy Enquiry Form which you will find here

All of my Biewer Terrier Adults are True Biewer Terriers relating back to the original Friedheck Lines.


My Boys      My Girls      Pups Available      Breed Standard     History

The Biewer Terrier (pronounced Bea-ver) is a very new breed to the UK. The breed originated in Germany, after a mating in 1984 between 2 x Blue/Tan Yorkshire Terriers (Darling Friedheck, Junior World Winner 1981 in Dortmund and Fru-Fru von Friedheck, Junior World Winner 1981 in Dortmund), owned by Gertrude and Werner Biewer, produced a pup with a recessive Piebald gene. The owners/breeders, who had 20 years experience of breeding and showing Yorkshire Terriers, continued to work with this mutation over the years until the breed became recognised in it's own right as the Biewer Terrier.

The UK Kennel Club has yet to consider the recognition of this new breed, and applications to recognise the breed have so far been refused due to the limited number of these Dogs in the UK, and current lack of information. In October 2012 a three year moratorium was set to impose the consideration of any further recognition applications until further health testing of the current UK gene pool can be established. More and more countries around the world are recognising the new breed and accepting the new breed standard for showing purposes within their own Kennel Clubs. 

I imported my 6 x Biewer Terrier pups into the UK direct from Germany during 2012/2013 from Professional Biewer Breeding Kennels. All of my Biewer Terriers are pure bred Biewer Terriers and relate back to the original pairing of Friedheck by Mr & Mrs. Biewer. All my dogs are from parents that have been tested and clear of liver shunt, Patella 0 and are fit for breeding.

The Biewer is a true breed in its' own right and is not a crossbreed, and, it is NOT a Yorkshire Terrier. It is the same size as a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and they are very loyal, exceptionally loving companion lapdogs, and they also love to play, dance and please their owners and are bred as Companion Pets. They have a single coat, which means that they do not have an undercoat. Their coat is hair, not fur, and grows long and silky. I personally am allergic to many breeds of dogs and also suffer with asthma, but this breed does not affect me at all.

All of my Biewer Yorkshire Adults are bred from Purebred German Biewer/Biewer Breeding parents and relate back to the original Friedheck Lines.

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