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   Biewer (Pronounced "Beaver") Yorkshire a La Pom Pon  

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History of the Biewer

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier (pronounced Bee-ver) is a very new breed to the UK. The breed originated in Germany, after a mating in 1984 between 2 x Blue/Tan Yorkshire Terriers (Darling Friedheck, Junior World Winner 1981 in Dortmund and Fru-Fru von Friedheck, Junior World Winner 1981 in Dortmund), owned by Gertrude and Werner Biewer, produced a pup with a recessive Piebald gene. The owners/breeders, who had 20 years experience of breeding and showing Yorkshire Terriers, continued to work with this mutation over the years until the breed became recognised in it's own right as the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier A La Pom Pon (al la Pom Pon being French for Multi-Coloured Bobble ball, or a tassel/colorful ball of yarn).

The UK Kennel Club has yet to consider the recognition of this new breed, and applications to recognise the breed have so far been refused due to the limited number of this breed of Dog in the UK so far. In October 2012 a three year moratorium was set to impose the consideration of any further recognition applications until further health testing of the current UK gene pool can be established.

The Biewer is gaining recognition around the world, and more and more countries have already recognised this new breed and have created their own Breed Standard for showing and breeding purposes within their own National and International Breed Clubs. The Biewer Yorkie is not yet recognised by the FCI (The Fédération Cynologique Internationale, which is the World Canine Organisation).

I imported my 6 x Biewer Yorkies into the UK direct from Germany during 2012/2013 from Professional Biewer Breeding Kennels. All of my Biewer Yorkshire Terriers can be traced back to the original pairing of Friedheck by Mr & Mrs Biewer.

The Biewer is a true breed in its' own right and is not a crossbreed. It is the same size as a miniature Yorkshire Terrier and they are very loyal, exceptionally loving companion lapdogs, and they love to play, dance and please their owners and are bred as Companion Pets.

They have a single coat, which means that they do not have an undercoat. Their coat is hair, not fur, and grows long and silky which should be combed/brushed daily to avoid knots and mats. They do not shed their hair, so it does need to be clipped, and the breed is perfect for people who suffer with allergies to dogs. I am terribly allergic to most breeds of dogs, hence one of the reasons that I chose to work with this new breed, as I am not allergic to their coat at all.






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