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Jan is a breeder extraordinaire she has been my rock since having not one but two of her wonderful doggies. She is always on hand with any advice or tips, her care goes beyond that of normal breeders of that I am certain. She loves all her doggies as much as the new owners love them, she is unbelievable. Ted my Chinese Toy has the most gentle nature a big softy and Davina my teeny Biewer is just adorable and loved by everyone. A massive thank you Jan. So happy to have you X


Hi Jan
Just sending you an update on how the pup is doing, he's settled in great and is adjusting very well to his new surroundings.
He is very sociable and has a lot of fun running round all the relatives for cuddles, I think he is teething a bit at the moment so he is getting lots of soft toys to chew on till that stops, he's also going in the right direction for house training as any accidents (very few) he has now are all right at the back door he will be going out for his first walk on Thursday or Friday.
 I have attached a couple of photos for you
Thanks for providing us with our dream puppy! We gained a very well looked after puppy which has taken to training very easily and the puppy pack we received was very thorough and useful. The puppies nature is brilliant and it's obvious that he came from a very loving home and with a brilliant set up to raise new born pups which we witnessed first hand when we went to pick him up.
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dog!

Kind regards
David, Kayleigh and Ricicle 

Hi Jan
Nellie was great on the journey home. She was enjoying her tummy tickles and travelled well.
She has eaten and been to the toilet. She even had a bark and quick play with Diva the poodle who wasnt so sure lol.
Thankyou so much for my baby. My hubby loves her to bits already. He is a big softy.
I appreciate the time you spent with us today and letting us see your adorable doggy tribe. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend you. A proffesional from first contact through to pick up.
Thankyou once again and i will keep intouch with pics and updates as Nellie grows.
Nikki x

I had seen a Biewer before and I fell in love with the breed, since then I began my search to find one. However, getting a puppy is not an easy decision. Not only does one have to puppy proof the house but also know that you are committing yourself to 15 years with a new family member. This is why I wanted to make sure I was getting the best possible companion I could. 
I searched the web for around a month when I came across Comfypets, where I saw Jan had some puppies available, so i emailed her and before we discussed anything to do with the puppies, she made sure my lifestyle and daily routine would be suitable for her puppy. Like any concern puppy-parent-to-be, I also wanted to make sure the puppies where healthy and brought up in a wonderful environment next to their parents, and not a puppy farm. 

Since I live in London, it was very hard for me to drive up to view the puppies and then come back. So I continued to search on the web for Biewer Terriers near London. However, I kept finding myself looking through Jan’s website over and over again, so I decided to give her a call and explain to her my situation. She told me she had two puppies available and we talked about the pups and parents for around 45min. She was so lovely, and very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I even asked her if she could tell me which puppy she thought would suit my lifestyle more and a couple of days later, after Jan seeing how each individual puppy behaved, she told me Elba (AKA. Leo) was the one that would suit my family more and gave me all the information I needed. After 3 days of talking to her, I felt so confident and trusted her so much, I decided to go ahead and put a deposit for Elba. Most people would say I was crazy for putting down a deposit without even seeing the puppy, but if you talk to Jan and hear how passionate, loving, caring and how much she knows about the dogs, you would trust her too! We then talked regularly for the next two weeks, and Jan constantly updated me with health checks, vaccination updates, photos and videos of Leo. 
My partner and I then drove up 6 hours to Jan’s to pick up Leo. The place was so organised, and puppies where playing with mummy Cassie. When I asked Jan if I could see her other Biewer’s, she showed us around and we saw where the dogs slept and was all very neat, cosy and then she let them out to play with us. She also introduced us to her other dogs, who where all very healthy, lively, friendly and so happy to see us! They wouldn’t stop giving us kisses! My partner and I spent 2 hours on the floor playing with all the dogs whilst she told us stories about them. Which was such a lovely experience! We left Jan’s with our beautiful puppy Leo, a Crate, food for over a month, insurance and the rest of the puppy package which was unbelievably amazing! Very helpful! Since then, Jan has been checking up on Leo to make sure he had settled in well and I have updated her with photos and she’s always happy to help me with any questions I have about him such as grooming etc. 
My little man Leo is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. He is so easy to look after, he was potty trained and a very quick learner! He is so friendly like his parents and is the most handsome pup I have ever seen in my live! I would recommend Jan and her puppies to anyone! So much, that my family and friends are so obsessed with Leo, that they are even interested in travelling internationally to get a Biewer from Jan too! Not just that, but I even had to create an Instagram account for him so that they could all see updated pictures of him! Lastly, if I ever decide to buy another pup, I would only ever go to Jan! She is honestly such an amazing breeder, who truly loves these dogs and really looks after them, and gives them the best life possible! She made this journey so easy, and I honestly can’t thank her enough! THANK YOU JAN!
Daniela & Leo


hi Jan just thought i would send you an update on little trevor and include some very seet pictures to show how much he has settled in with our family.  Trevor is very sweet very naughty and very much loved all ready.  He is such a little character who has stolen all our hearts and has many admirers already in our little village with many ladies making him little coats to keep him warm.  He has eaten very well and sleeps cuddled up to me in our bed, not waking till 7.30 today.  we have had him out on a little walk to get him used to the big wide world and he is certainly not timid or shy.  As you can see frank and trevor are becoming great friends with frank allowing him to sleep next to him, which is a great step forward.  As I type this trevor is causing chaos with toys and bobs ears hands and anything else he can get those little teeth into.  It is safe to say we adore him and are so glad he came to live with us.  I will keep you upto date as we go on but thanks again.
jayne bob frank and trevor



I have THE most adorable Chinese Toy from Jan who has just so many satisfied owners because she breeds fine pups. Jan has become a good friend since viewing Ted (aka Henna), offering me a warm welcome to her beautiful home and continuing to be incredibly helpful. I live a good 5 hours away from Scotland and wouldn't hesitate in purchasing another pup from her in the future. Ted was toilet trained and hasn't had any accidents, he is sociable, eating well and playful. He has enriched our lives and that of my very spoilt old Jack Russell, who within 3 days snuggle up together. My Mom who is 82 and not a fan of dogs 😁 has fallen in love with him. Jan is very professional and knows her dogs inside out, there is nothing she can't answer, just a pity some breeders don't follow her and just do it for a quick buck, Jan does it with so much commitment and passion she just loves all her doggies. I am humbled to have met her.Thank you Jan for introducing me to Ted. love and hugs Jane and Ted x

Hi jan ,elvis (prev. Ambrose) is settling in really well ,hes such an amazing little character,had his visit to vet today for his check up so alls good ,he loves all the attention ,coming on amazing with his puppy training ,and have booked him into puppy classes at a place called wizard of paws ,so hes loving his new wee life and is such a joy to have him ,cant thank you enough for blessing us with this wee angel thanks again love kelly and family xxxxx

Well, where do I start? From the very beginning is a good place I suppose....

I had wanted a pup for a little while and after trawling the Internet for days and days, I decided to google 'chihuahua breeders' and came across comfy pets. Little did I know, due to me being let's put it a bit dopey, Jan was actually situated in Scotland. I live five hours away. I had already emailed Jan by this point and had a very lovely reply. I then realised where she was situated and my boyfriend, Rich said it may be too far to go to choose a pup and then return again to fetch. So with my head bowed and tail between my legs (just like a diva chihuahua, I searched gumtree etc) I found some pups and arranged visits. People on the whole seemed rude and unhelpful, lots of puppies didn't have pictures with parents etc. I just felt uneasy so I cancelled the visits and arranged to see Jan. By this point I'd emailed Jan daily and grown close to her kind hearted nature. We did a 10 hour round trip on a Saturday and oh my gosh was it worth it....It gave me my beautiful little girl Milly. We chose her which was such a hard thing to do as all the pups were equally as gorgeous. We were greeted by a chihuahuas and poodles and biewer yorkies and Chinese crested doggies all jumping up to greet us and a very welcoming Jan. We both had such a lovely time and we sat chatting and playing etc it was lovely. We dragged ourselves away and picked up our teeny girlie a few weeks later. 

I'll talk about Milly first. She's amazing. She's filled a void in my life that I so very much needed. She's pretty and well looked after. Beautiful teeth and furr. She is friendly and gentle. She follows me everywhere and licks my toes and gets so excited to see me if we've been apart. She's doing 95% of her toilets outside or on her puppy pads and she's eating and drinking well. She shakes like a little jelly when I use the hair dryer, yet she likes the vacuum (strange pooch) She loves playtime and especially likes her little cow puppy toy which she carries everywhere!! She is very tidy and puts all her things in her bed, so sweet! She likes nothing more than to curl up on my shoulder and have a snooze. She is just perfect and Jans hard work from day one with the puppies just shine through and through. Milly really is stunning and I am so glad I went to Scotland and to be honest I'd do the trip again just to have a coffee with Jan....

That brings me onto Jan. What an incredible lady. She is just amazing at what she does and she is one hard worker. She has provided us with unlimited support and advice from day one and its still ongoing now. I will stay in touch with her forever as I feel like I've found a friend in her. She's so very lovely and I know for a fact I'll be having a dog from her again. I just want to take this opportunity to thank Jan, without you none of this would have been possible. Hugs, Anna and Millyx
 Dear Jan
I hope this email finds you and all your 4-legged friends well! I am sorry for not being in touch sooner – it’s been a busy 9 months since my new addition! You’ll see such a difference in her and how beautiful she has turned out to be. She is a lovely wee companion with a gentle and obedient temperament. She is the perfect puppy and the best dog I could have asked for. I took her to Puppy classes which seemed to freak her out at the time but now she has grown into a confident young dog, unafraid of interactions with much larger breeds. She is sociable with both people and other dogs. We have a routine which includes her daily walks at 2 local parks or we go to the beach a Don Mouth which she loves. We’ve got to know other ‘park’ dogs and ‘beach’ dogs so she looks forward to playing with her friends. She has a ‘large’ toy selection and many leads and harnesses!!! (all colour co-ordinating). She had her first ‘puppy cut’ at our local ‘Puppy Spa and Boutique’ in April and Nicola (the owner) said she was very well behaved and ‘just lovely’! In fact everyone compliments me on how sweet she is, which I feel is testament to her exceptional early start with yourself. I hope Pebbles is enjoying her retirement.
Gracie and Bess have reached a ‘sisterly’ understanding and can be quite affectionate with each other now (although poor Bess is turning into ‘old cat’ and is a bit unwell at the moment so boisterous puppy is a bit trying for her).
I hope to have a celebration for her 1st birthday and will send more photo’s soon.
Thank you for such a special companion, she’s amazing!
Kindest Regards
Sarah (Bess and Gracie) xxx
  Hi....I would like to say thank you so much to Jan for bringing my best friend Belle to me. I love her so much. From Ava. 10yo.

Thank you Jan for all your advice and support, I am amazed how well little Belle has turned my little girls life around. Amazing little dog, loves everyone , great nature and a true family pet. Laura
Hi Jan,
I am typing this with Billy Boy-Byron on my lap...it is snowing heavily outside but thankfully we are cosy with an open fire. Billy Boy has had quite a day - two firsts in his little life - snow and a fire - it has all proved too much for him - so he is asleep (bless)...
Thank you again for all your help and support - I can't believe it was only last week we met you and drove Billy Boy home! He certainly has settled in very well! It seems like we have had him for ages!!! He is a credit to you and clearly a testament to how well he was raised. Thank you once again and thank you for all the info in your puppy pack, all the spare food, toy, treats, bedding, his minute harness and lead, etc etc - very very helpful!
Also the website was full of really helpful info too and lovely to browse and view all the puppies and older dogs and read about them and their history.
Elizabeth x
PS: Billy Boy LOVES his doggie 'baggie' too.....

  Hi Jan,
Just a quick hello from us, & to tell you that Bailey is doing wonderfully well. She has fitted in so well with the rest of the gang. She is my constant companion, what an easy dog, happy to go anywhere, nothing fazes her! She is of course horribly spoiled but in a nice way( not spoilt brat!!) & my husband absolutely adores her. She is so funny & very smart too!!
Hope you & yours are all well,
Kind regards,
Louise & Bailey,x
Hi Jan. Just an update my little Logan AKA Bendikkas ("Blessed" by name and by nature) I'm lucky to have him. He has settled in well my family and other dog Alfie adores him. He is loved very much. He is very content, well behaved and his training is coming along great. He loves cuddling up for a snooze with me or Alfie. He is eating well growing fast. He gets nothing but the very best but he's still so friendly with other people and dogs. I am so impressed with how fast he is learning everything his recall is soo good he can be trusted off the lead (hotdogs as a treat help). You are a brilliant and professional breeder I was soo impressed his 1st night home he slept fine there was no crying or fear of household noises, toilet training was so quick and easy and he doesn't bark :D (great for my wee house). I will defiantly recommend you to others. We will keep you updated throughout his life and thank you again he has been a perfect addition for me and his brother Alfie. For now here are some pictures of him and his partner in crime. 
kind regards 



Hey jan, Just an update on diamond! His had his 2nd vaccination 2 hours ago and fine up until now and his weight is up to 910kgs (fab)!
His is a little character, loves cuddles from his mummy all the time, he love to play and make himself known with his little barks ( so funny)!
His eating very well and answers to his name now!
His totally filled my world with love knowing he relays and counts on me and especially when I go upstairs and cries for me to come get him and don't leave him alone so sweet!
I'm ever so greatful for such a beautiful,wonderful dog and companion!
Thank you ever so much and I'll keep you updated!
Melissa and diamond! Xxxx

look Jan, I'm getting big, look at me and ma big bro!

Hi there,
Thought I'd email with a quick Rosie update. She is doing amazingly well and is almost up to 1kg in weight... she still loves her food! She and Evie are the best of buddies and we love her to bits! Hope all is well with you. Take care. 
Vicki & Rosie xx
Hi Jan. Just a quick update on our little Casper (Celestine). He is settling in well and my mum absolutely adores him. He is loved very much. He is getting used to his new surroundings very well. On the journey home he was very content and well behaved. He is a little bundle Of joy he loves his comforts. He loves cuddling up for a snooze. He is eating well and seem happy with the good he is on. He has an appointment for tomorrow for his 2nd lot of vaccinations. I can assure you he is going to be very well looked after and loved. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and support throughout the process of picking and purchasing our little one. I could not ask for a more professional breeder who has a lot of experience and knowledge which you pass onto your customers. I will definatly  recommend you to others as a top breeder. We will keep you fully updated throughout caspers lifetime to let you know how he is getting on. So on behalf of my mother and I thanks very much. 
Hi Jan, Just a quick note to let you how little Onyx is getting on. He was as good as gold on the car journey back and slept snuggled up on my lap for the whole 3 hours.
He was very nervous & timid at first but is starting to come out of his shell. One of the first things he did was pick out a comfy spot on the sofa and now cries to be lifted up. He is definitely a little fella who enjoys his cuddles.
He really is a lovely little character and we are so impressed with how well trained he is. So far so good with his toilet training!! He has made the puppy pad every time and has even ventured outside to wee several times. 
He was so scared whenever he first arrived, that I worried he might not eat but he has managed to eat something at each meal time so far. Today we witnessed the playful, frisky Onyx. He had his mad hour earlier and darted about claiming toys and hoarding them in his bed.
Thank-you so much for everything. His wonderful training is testament to the love and attention you invest in all of your puppies. We loved meeting all of the puppies yesterday, my daughter is still smiling, it was a dream come true for her.
We will keep in touch and let you know how Onyx progresses.
Thank-you once again

After researching Chihuahua’s for some considerable time, then putting our faith in Jan, we are truly delighted with our gorgeous wee Gucci that she lovingly provided us with.
Nothing ever is too much trouble for Jan and we knew the moment we met, that she was definitely who we would be dealing with, no other breeder was an option from that point on.  Her sheer dedication, love and obsession with Chi’s is evident in all the beautiful pups that she brings into this world... and contagious, so you have been warned!!

It is clearly obvious that all her pups are bred for health, temperament and ‘full size’ characters, you only need to spend a moment in any of her dogs presence to acknowledge that.  All her dogs are just so beautiful, bag checks on the door out may not be such a bad thing, personally, we could happily have them all. 

Needless to say, only a short time later, we have already put ourselves back on Jan’s waiting list, she has already proved that our future addition is a safe bet and will be an abundance of joy.  It might be an 11 hour round trip for us, but who cares when you see what you get.  We are looking forward to a long and happy future thanks to Jan 


What a wonderful breeder!!!
Someone who truly loves her job and her pets.
I purchased our tiny little chi (Benjamin) from Jan earlier this year; he is a credit to her breeding programme, a lovely healthy, happy wee fella, who has brought great pleasure to the whole family.
I was amazed when we went to her home to visit the puppies, they are all well socialised and clearly part of her family, she can tell you the different personalities of each, what a wonderful start to life they have.
I would definitely recommend Jan, she is a lovely down to earth person, with a wealth of experience and knowledge of this breed, which she is only too happy to share this with you, always available to offer advice if required. .....and as she herself mentioned in the pages of the website, she is ‘nuts,
loopy’ about Chihuahuas, and I personally have found this infectious ‘cos I’ve caught the bug too!!!!
Good Luck Jan, you truly are a star!
M. Beaton - Lanarkshire 

Hi Jan
Came across your website when I was doing a wee search for chi's (just being nosey).  It's great to see you're registered and doing so well.  Your website is wonderful, I love all the wee stories you tell about each of the little ones.

Benjamin is doing really well, he is a lovely wee dog and a credit to your breeding, still lives with Amanda and her boyfriend.  My wee fellow 'Button' has a totally different nature, not as quiet as Benjamin, in fact he is an absolute looney and we love him dearly.  I have attached a recent pictures of him, you will see he is really tiny, but he has a massive personality.



Hi Jan, 
Honestly couldn't be happier with our choice of pup Thumbelina is absolutely gorgeous!she's settled in really well no problems first night here slept all night
:-)and our other two chihuahua have been great with her princess is mothering her lol.My girls loved Amelia too and wanted to take her home she has a lovely temperament.i can see why you find it hard to let the puppies go I would be exactly the same.we will definitely keep in touch and who knows if I can persuade my husband may get another pup from you in the future haha.it has been a pleasure to deal with you love of the little special touches you do and you certainly breed the most gorgeous chihuahua puppies I've seen and look after them all exceptionally well!
Thankyou so much!



Hi I'm trying not to bombard you with pics. Lol 
Tia is an absolute credit to yourself and your breeding programme. She is so confident and happy and such a joy to be with and that can only come from successful rearing and breeding. 
I knew as soon as I had made contact with yourself that I had chosen the right breeder and pup and living with Tia has only confirmed this. 
I'll keep you updated and once again. 
Thank you 

Good morning.
Tia has settled in incredibly well. It's as though she has been here for ages. She had a very good night with very little objection at being in bed. Lol
She is so funny with her playmates and so confident. This is a picture of her with bailey who was delighted to have a new addition that is smaller than he is. Lol
She is eating and drinking well and we are managing to get her onto her training pads for the toilet most of the time.
Just wanted to let u know how her first night was and to thank you once again. She is everything we were hoping for and so much more.

I'll keep in touch.









hi Jan,
thanks for your email. We decided to keep his name as he knows it already.Winston is doing great. He has had all of his jabs now and has really settled into home. I was surpised how well he settled and no crying! Kitty is doting on him and has really learnt how to handle him....sometimes when she is drawing on the floor...winsaton lies and sleeps on the back of her legs. He is putting weight on....I am not surprised as he eats soo much!
He is a wonderful dog and we love and adore having him...he goes everywhere with me and comes to work at the hotel.....he is very popular there! It is ironic but my husband has really taken with him and dotes more on him than me!
His toiloet training is coming along...just have to keep taking him out every hour.....he sleeps well in his crate next to my bed, i will have to move it but i do like having him near. A firiend of mine wants one to now and I have recommend you..... maybe in the future I might get another one......it would be nice for winston.
I am so happy we made the right choice on dog breed and Winston is certainly one in a million.
Hope you are we....

hi Jan,
thought I'd send you an email to let you know that we arrived home safe and sound. Winston travelled home briliantly!! So content and no car sickness, he is home now and can't seen to eat enough. He is very wary and a bit nervous, will take time for him to settle as normal.... he gets anxious if I leave the room...loves his new crate..... we are soo delighted with him however, are very cautious that Kitty has to be gentle with him. This will take time to educate her and I suppose Winston needs to become used to being around a child. My husband adores him and my dad wanted him for himself!!!!! He has already been out in the pen after dinner and did  a pee! Yipee! Gave him lots of praise and he obviously loved the fus as he gave me loads of kissing.
Will let you know in a few days time how he is settling. Thankyou so much for giving us this wonderful doggie!!! He will be very much loved....as it is so obvious he was well loved with you. You have a fantastic place and a great environment for the dogs.
Thanks again and will email you again soon,
Kind Regards,
(Thanks for your patience with giving me your advice.....no doubt I will have loads more questions!)

I had been searching for a chihuahua puppy for a while and when I came across Jans website I was most impressed, it was full of information and pictures of her current and previous pups, I knew I would be going to her for a pup, she looked the true professional. i contacted her via email and straight she was more than happy to keep me informed of her new litters, then she offered me one of her adult pups  she had available. I was interested in Cloe a 2 year old little girl, . She provided us with a wealth of info on Cloe and loads of pictures, we already had a basset hound who was 18 months old at the time and we knew Cloe was the perfect friend for her. We drove to Jans home to get Cloe and she has provided us with a stack load of advice and help with Cloe and the breed in general. She is extremely honest and is chihuahua crazy. We love Cloe and she is part of your little family now I can recommend getting an adult chihuahua from Jan if she has one available, they are all happy, healthy gentle dogs that adapt well to all kinds of family life . Jan is a professional breeder who cares for her dogs and pups and would give you a lifetime of support if you needed it , thank you Jan for everything  love and hugs from Cloe, best wishes Emma and Family x x x

Hi everyone, I hope and trust everyone is well. Sorry for the delay in reply. Firstly thank you so much for your hospitality yesterday and i was made to feel very very welcome. i think at first i was overwelmed by the warmth and love in the place and instantly fell in love with all the family.
i am soo sorry if i overstayed, i could have played for hours. I hope you didnt mind that when i came in i just got down on the floor and played with the family, would rather do that than just stand and look over the dogs. as they say get down and dirty.
Antares cried for a wee while until believe it or not we hit the main road. i opened the cage slightly so that i had ample room for my arm to fit in, and then began loads of claps and praise and of course he fell aslepp with his head resting on my hand...
we had a lovely slow drive home and enjoyed again the bonding and the scenery. at one point i even stopped and said " oh look at the lovely waterfall"!!!!! 
He has settled in very well. had a good roam around his surroundings and obviously different smelss and layout of furniture.
he slept well last night until 4.30 and we played till 6.30 when he decided he was fed up with me and wanted to go back to sleep, now at this point im wide awake. so there he was sound asleep cuddled in on the pillows and i was relegated to the floor...
 he has received lots of love and loads of toys from friends. 
its funny we have three huge floor pillows that Antares has now owned, he takes his place first and kindly leaves me a space..already the boss.
 i cant even go upstairs for a minute without him crying after me, despite my partner being there beside him...lol
he follows me around very well and it is amazing straight to training pads for toilet, which is a huge thank you to you for your dedicated and professional training. 
i would like to thank for for the comprehensive gift bag that you kindly gave me, and thank you and i dont know how i could ever repay you for a huge, little bundle of joy, mischievious and gorgeous Antares.
 i hope youlike the pictures that were just taken.
 No name as yet so he has been registered for the moment at the vet as Antares.
 i hope everyone is well,
 again thank you so much for my new family, your hospitality and warmth yesterday.
 karen and Antares

Hi all. I hope and trust this email finds everyone well
Just a loving update on Antares. He is wonderful as always. Lol. He is a total joy and such a happy, loving dog. We are totally inseparable. I know some people say this is unhealthy but we are. We have been fortunate with glorious weather so we have been both in the garden nearly all day. I bought him an outdoor soft bed which is his "den". Today he has in it toys, biscuit and a tea towel !!!! He remains very protective of me when we are out for a walk. He doesn't like any other dog being clapped by me and let's them know. He has made a new friend in my friends 10 years old son. They both dote on each other and love nothing but chasing each other around the garden. He has a granny/ grandad and great granny that completely dote on him too. Totally spoilt.
I have attached new pictures which I hope has worked.
As I said before I really don't know how I will ever be able to thank you both for allowing me to adopt Antares. He is my world. I never thought I would be able to love again... But I have Anyway hope everyone is well and healthy.
Take care and speak soon
Karen and Antares

Hi, This is Lynn - I bought wee Co Co a few months ago from you - I hope you remember!! Anyway, I had sent some pictures for you to see however they did not seem to go through and I have just realised there!! Sorry! Hopefully you will get them this time! She is doing really well - we go to puppy classes every week where she has made friends with a labrador!  Hope you are well. Regards L. Condy

I just found your new website & thought I’d drop you a line to say that Nacho from your first litter is fantastic – can’t believe he is 4 now!  I have attached a recent picture.  Hope you are well. Morag

Nacho starts back at agility this week & usually faster than the German shepherds & the collie, although he can’t jump as high.

 I see Sabrina (the tri colour bitch you sold to Viv) often & she is doing great.  She has had a couple of litters & I got one of the pups; Fiji; I’ve attached a photo of her. 

Hi Jan,
Just letting you know how lucky went on at the vets today, he has had his 1st vaccination and he was so brave (bless him) he didn't even whimper, the vet has also given me some worming tablets today for him, one for now and then one for when he is 6 months, when I go back in 2 weeks, she will give me some flea treatment to use on him, to keep him protected, he has also had a full health check and he is fine, she also checked his jaw and said that it also seems absolutely fine, he is in tip top condition, he now weighs 900 grams so he has grown a little but he is still so tiny, I asked about when she thought would be the best time for him to be neutered and she said with him being so small she would recommend that we get him done when he is 9 months and also microchip him at the same time, hope you like the picks of him although my camera is not very good, muffin is on the run again.
 Thanks Lisa and Wez


Hi Jan its Michelle< i bought one of your pups last year . I said i would email you and let you know how he was getting on im over a year late but better late than never lol . I let my partner name him and he chose the name Penfold i was a little oh no at first but he is a right character so the name fits . We love having penfold he makes the family feel complete he ejoys playing with my cousins 2 boxers Lucas and Lennox they love running about the park together and he loves going to my grans at the wkend were he gets to play with all the familys dogs . My 2 girls Drew and Elle love Penfold to bits as he does them its so sweet they still thank myself and andy for going to get him . I hope Penfolds mum and dad are doing well and you and your husband . I hope you like the pics ive sent take care and thanks

Hi Jan, I bought a male puppy from you in June, he was the red pup born on the 26th of April to Marley and Pamela.  We named his Schmeichel after the dog in Coronation Street as we thought he was about the same colour..although not quite the same size!  He settled in well and seems a happy pup.  He is very playful and loving, and we were amazed how quickly he toilet trained!  He loves his walks around the park, and enjoys chasing sea gulls.  He is doing well on his Royal Canin feed and puppy food, but also enjoys the occasional treat.  He also has many admirers wherever we go. I have attached a couple of pictures for you to see  
Yours sincerely
Lisa Drummond from Glasgow

Hi Jan I thought you may like to see what a super star Master Pip has turned in to! LOL Jan
  Hi Jan, Just wanted to send you a little email to say Binky has settled in really well....maybe too well! He's the man of the house! I can't thank you enough, he's just perfect. He's so intelligent - he's so easy trained & can do more than Gordon's lab pup! Already he's playing fetch with me which is totally adorable! He also sits on request - such a wee gentleman! His daft half hours are always amusing...never seen a dog run so fast in all my life ha!  All I can say is - I am addicted to Chihuahuas!!! I definitely would like another within a year...!!!
Hope all is well with you,  Pam

Hi Jan  Ashley and myself bought Atkin who is now called Prince from you a few weeks ago.  He is an absolute delight, has settled in really well is so playful and friendly and is getting on great.  Ashley's mum also bought Adam from you who is now BO, the two puppies get on so well we have decided to get another one ourselves.  We were so happy with how nice and helpful you were that we would only buy another puppy from you.  I was wondering if you could let me know when the next litter is due and who the mum and dad will be?  This is of course a surprise for Ashley. I have attached some pictures of Prince and Prince and Bo together to let you see. Thanks


Hiya Jan,  Today has gone really well, we have even gone for a little walk although i did have to carry him nearly the whole way lol. ive included a pic of my little boy with him as they have really bonded its so cute seeing them play together and also a picture of johan holding him i knew it would not take long for him to fall in love with him. i think we are going to call him cuddles and u can quess from the name why........ he would be quite happy to just sit on my knee all day :)  we have also spent the day getting him used to his cage/bed and so far so good. and he has just finished eating his tea so im very happy about that. will keep you posted over the coming months of his progress  Love Alicia x x

Hiya Jan,  How are you?  Just a little update. we are now calling him huggie. my little boy started calling him huggie instead of cuddles so pup is getting used to that name and i think it suits him perfect. ive noticed a total change in him this week as the first week he just wanted to cuddle all the time where as now he is running around and playing all day he is very active. house training is going great we have had no accidents for 4 days now!! we take him out side in the garden alot and he really loves running around in the garden with leilan. he sleeps down stairs in his cage/bed and he is fine i actually think he likes the peace and quite once we all go to bed as he does not stop all day. ive changed his food as he was not eating the wet meat i dont know why so he still has the little buiscuits but has it with cesar puppy dog food and he loves it i cant believe how quick he eats it. thank you so much again for such a gorgeous little dog he really is perfect. ill send some pictures as soon as i get them uploaded on to computer. hope all your dogs are fine and cloe and pup are doing well.  Love Alicia x

hiya its lynn who bought arnie from your last litter. i am writing just to give you a wee update he is doing abs brilliantly and has really seetled in well.. the kids absaloutly adore him  i will keep you updated now and again to let you know how he is getting on..
ive enclosed a couple of photos for you lynn...
  Hi Jan, Hope you are well and not snowed in again! I think it was just as well we met at the weekend as we had lots of heavy snow on Monday all day and the temperatures have been so low since everywhere is frozen and icy! Not good. I am quite happy though in my cosy house with my two little chis for company lol.
Just to let you know Bobby (finally decided on a name - think it suits him as he is so small and sweet) is getting on great. I'm so pleased, he is getting on brilliantly with Honey, quicker than I expected. She was a bit growly at first but now she follows him absolutely everywhere, it's so funny. And they play with all their toys together, and she even let him lie in her bed with her for a while yesterday! Will try and get some pics together soon. He's such a wee character I love him to bits.
Take care for now,
Sam x

Hello, as you can see I've settled into my new home very well! My new mummy and daddy  adore me and I am spoiled rotten! Daddy is a big softy and let's me away with being a little bit naughty but mummy is much more strict and keeps me in line! Merry Christmas! Xx

Hi Jan, Wishing you and your family of chis a very merry christmas! Bobby and Honey getting on like a house on fire - I've attached some pics, hope you like!
All the best for the new year, Sam :) x


Hi Jan, At last here are some pics of my gorgeous little wa-wa babies! The most amazing little precious things in the whole world to me! Loads of love from us all, Angela x 


hi jan  sent you some pics of the pups now,,,,,,, first two are my mums and mrs cuddles ,,,,,,, had to hold them as my mums hasnt got used to her yet,,,,,
third pic is of mrs cuddles and toris friend.......
and the forth one is of our great dane jeff and mr puddles,,,,,,,
and the last one is of our great dane dakota,,,,,,,,  
hope you enjoy shazy



All images are kindly provided to me by the owners of my pups . All images are copyright to me at 
cosyhollow/comfypets and must not be copied.




All images are kindly provided to me by the owners of my pups . All images are copyright to me at cosyhollow/comfypets and must not be copied.







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