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Chihuahua Pups 

I breed Smooth Coat Pedigree Chihuahua Pups in White, Blacks, Fawns, Cream, Red, Orange, Blues, Chocolates & Lilacs...

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier 

I also breed the Biewer Terrier, a brand new Toy Breed to the UK, originating from Germany...

Licensed Breeder

As a Licensed Breeder, my Priority is Health and Temperament for the Perfect Family Pet...

Best Start in Life

My Pups are Vet Checked, Vaccinated, Microchipped, KC Companion Registered & Insured

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Adults Available

I sometimes have Adult Dogs looking for Retirement Pet Homes. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have to make for my dogs, so I do not expect to hear from timewasters. If you genuinely believe that you can offer a permanent, forever loving home to one of my beloved doggies, please contact me.

Pups Available

Please check my Pups Available Page to see the Pups I currently have for sale. If you are not quite ready for your new puppy, contact me for details of my waiting list for future litters. It would be helpful to include details about yourself and the home life that you are offering to one of my pups.

Adults Available

I sometimes have Adult Dogs looking for Retirement Pet Homes. This is one of the hardest decisions that I have to make for my dogs, so I do not expect to hear from timewasters. If you genuinely believe that you can offer a permanent, forever loving home to one of my beloved doggies, please contact me.

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Chihuahua Pups Scotland

Chihuahua Pups expected December 2018, will be ready to leave early 2019. Contact me for details


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Please feel free to check out what new owners have to say about my pups. It is always lovely to hear from owners, to hear how my babies are settling into their new families, how they are developing and loving life. Pictures are always very much appreciated...


You will find all of my Past Testimonials on my old Website here
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Hi Jan,
I hope this email finds you and your dogs well. I thought I would send you a wee update on Henry as it is exactly one month today since he joined our  family 😀.
Henry continues to be an absolute delight.  He is so chilled and relaxed - taking everything in and missing nothing.  He enjoys going for walks although he is a bit like a car on a cold morning; difficult to start but once he gets going...  As soon as he sees his lead being lifted he turns and runs to his crate. Gentle persuasion soon wins him over. 
In the month of July Henry visited and was introduced to the vet and a local (and recommended) dog groomer (who instantly fell in love with him).  He has been camping with us down to Campbeltown which he loved - he slept in the same room in the tent as us and had freedom of movement re which sleeping bag to curl up beside.  When out for walks he has met loads of other dogs and received heeps of attention and compliments.  There are a few regular furry friends we bump into which inevitably leads to a play around the field.  One of his ‘friends’ is a young American boxer which we’re sure only plays with Henry for a wee shot of his ball 😂.  Henry loves the run around tho’ and weaves in and out between the boxer’s long legs.  His other wee pal is a two year old black min schnauzer called Oscar who doesn’t run around the same as the boxer with him but is very patient with him.
A few people have asked where we got him and I have directed them to your website.  
I have attached a few photos of Henry - he has grown so much in a month and is turning into quite a character. We had our second visit to the vet yesterday for weighing, flea and worm treatment and he weighed in at 5.5 kg.  
All is going well with Henry and we adore him apart from the cat but a good understanding is developing between them and she now just tends to ignore him in her own special feline manner 😸
Wishing you well and hoping the hot weather didn’t present you with too many challenges.
Kind Regards,

A big thank you to you Jan!!      
Having decided on a Biewer Terrier we located Jan, after a lengthy telephone conversation, we drove from London to Scotland to
collect our puppy on the 6th of January 2018. We had intended to do so earlier but Jan (quite rightly) will not show or sell puppies for the Xmas market in December. Our puppy was 3 months old and had by now been separated from her mother and sister.  The journey home from Scotland took us  6 hours 30 minutes to get back to London, during this time she did not cry, bark or cause us any trouble at all.   There was no car sickness either as Jan had already accustomed her to car journeys. Once home Bonnie settled in well and only cried at bed time for 2/3 nights. Right from the very beginning Bonnie has been the perfect puppy.....
Now 6 months old she has responded well to training and has the most delightful temperament. There is no yapping, more a gentle chirping which is delightful. She has not only won our heart but everyone who comes in contact with her. 
Bonnie has transformed our lives!     We could not have hoped for a better puppy and we cannot thank Jan enough for all she has done from the start and the follow up support.
It was well worth our long journey to Scotland.     Thanks from Ruby & Paul XXX

Dear Jan
               Hope you are all well ,picture of Mabel's favourite resting place-Nan ! Magnus not in shot always playing with his Michelle and Wendy x

Little Man Magnus

Hello Jan,
I hope you are well and you had a lovely Christmas and new year.
I have attached some photo of Lottie, she’s doing amazing! We could not imagine life without her!
She is a little hoover with food though :) as you know she was a gift for Faith, I knew it was a joint responsibility because Faiths is still young but Lottie is well and truly my dog she goes everywhere with me, the shops, work, she sits in the front seat of the car just gazing at everyone.
I took her to the goomers today, and she looks like a little schnauzer now, but I miss the puppy curls so we may let it grow a bit.
She’s currently laid on the bed next to me while I’m emailing you, she shares both mine and Faiths beds she’s so spoilt but we would t have it any other way.
I will keep I touch and keep sending you photos.
Take care
Love Michelle, Faith & Lottie xx
Name: Bobbi

Thank you Jan for all your kindness with the transfer and keepsake of my lovely adorable Bobbi, you really made everything go so well with the puppy pack diet plan , worming , insurance ,even sleep patterns and much much more I was made to feel very welcomed when I came to collect Bobbi .Jan I feel comfortable in the knowledge my little boy has come from such a good breeder all thanks to your wonderful dedication, passion and love for all your dogs .Its was lovely to see his Mum Lizzy too she was so adorable , and the other pups waiting for their new mums.
- Bobbi has settled so well , he’s a cheeky chap and is coming on brilliant he loves his routine it’s like he knows what’s coming he is so intelligent. Jan you are a credit to being a good dog breeder as the transition for Bobbi was thread less and I know that’s thanks to you I have such a lovely mild mannered and contented puppy .Have a lovely time with your next littler and I,m sure they will all be a credit to you too,
Thanks again Jan
Maureen -Liverpool x
Name:  Paris
Tiny Fawn and White Chihuahua
Hi Jan here is a little snap of Peggy x she has settled so well and is loved and cherished by all truly a spoiled princess. She has a great temperament and is a credit to your breeding. I can't thank you enough for bringing this little angel into my life. We have renamed her Paris 😊
Name:  Rosie
Black Tricolour Chihuahua
Hi Jan,
I hope you are all well. I thought I'd send a quick email to give you an update on Rosie. She is absolutely the happiest dog I have ever known. Her wee personality is just amazing and we love her to bits! She and Evie get on very well and love each others company. I have attached a few photos for you. The one of Rosie by herself is hilalrious, she disappeared one day and when we found her she was all tucked in Lucas' bed!
Take care,
Vicki & Rosie xx

After much deliberation and research, my husband and I decided that we wanted our second dog to be a Chihuahua. SedgysMiniMe Breeder Jan is the absolute best. The facilities are immaculate and the care and attention Jan puts into the adoption process is just wonderful. We highly recommend anyone looking to adopt a Chihuahua go to SedgysMiniMe.

- Tracy Waugh & Jamie Dillon
Chinese Crested x Poodle
Chinese Crested x Poodle
Hi Jan , hope all good just a wee update on Belle as you know I am totally in love with her she is doing fab going to puppy classes and is loving playing with the other puppies , getting on great with Buddy and playing well together although he still like his own space which is fine , she sleeps from 8.45 each night until 7.30 in the morning no wet beds 😁and toilet training fab just a fab wee girl , hope her brothers and sister are doing as good , take care , Jeanette and Belle x😁
Name:  Ricicle
Chinese crested c toy poodle

More Pictures of Ricicle
Breed: Chinese Crested x Toy Poodle
Gender: Male
Colour: Cream
DOB: 14/01/2016

Testimonial From New owner:-
Hi Jan,
Myself and fiancé got little ricicle from you just under a year ago and I just want to personally thank you for bringing this little guy into our lives. He is just everything to us and can't even remember what life was like before we got him.
He's just perfect!
I've attached a Few pictures of him over the past year (from the day we got him and the picture was last week) to let you see how he has grown! Whenever we are out I always get compliments on how beautiful he is.
If you were planning on having another litter of crestipoos we would love to know and get him a little brother or sister!
Thank you again for everything!

Name:  Jeff
Black Miniature Schnauzer

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Availability: Sold

Hi Jan how are you!! Just a wee update on Jeff he is doing great! His six months check up was perfect! He is an absolute riot got such a funny wee personality and is so nice with other dogs and people he just loves everyone!! I just love him so very much he's made us all a lot happier! Hope all your pups are doing great xxx

This is my new website. The new Website is still "Work In Progress" at the moment. I want to transfer all of my Lovely Testimonials from owners of my pups to this page but it will take a little time to do that. In the meantime, you will find all of my Testimonials on my old Design Website here.. Don't Forget to come back to my new website though! :-)


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